Friday, January 19, 2007

2007- A Year in Art- By Your's Truly of Course!!!

Into the new year I have plunged. I have made a calander for myself to go by this year since I wondered aimlessly through last year. I have set some goals for my self, for my art and I am the only person stopping me.
This calendar I spoke of is broken into 2 week incremints. I have 2 weeks to work on anything (this is the hard part) given it fits into the catagories I have assigned. I have learned so many artsy things that I just have to jump into head first of course, and I can't focus let alone finish anything. How do you work through this.
This week is the last of my paper/paint/collage week and of course I just found a wealth of pics to motivate my collage jucies right!!! BUt for now they will just have to be bookmarked and I will put remindres on my calendar to look at thos when it's paper week again.. I'm so sad.
Here are a snap shot of year end work that will be either put to the side or given a new creative purpose before clean up day. Sorry the pics are a little dark. My digital cam is down adn the camera phone is a little dark.
This first one is one of a few little paintings I make when when working on larger projects. Say my brush is completly loaded with one color and I just have to switch color NOW!! I paint 3x5 cardstock. the back ground of this was stamped with paper napkins.
This second one is a freeform papier mache heart that I made for an alter project.
OK well off to a weekend of creating!!! Will have pics Monday, digi cam or not!!!!
Happy Creating.

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