Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Out for a bit!!

I'm back!!! Art calendar not going so well but hey, what can I say I'm creative spirit. I have to follow my heart. And today my heart is screaming for paint!!!!!
Wonderful BF is out shoping for containers for candles. He apparently got a hold of the art calendar. He can read!!!! So maybe I can get some soap anca candles going before the week is up, but I'm not pushing. I have a journal to complete. My god sister had ababy and asked at least 3 months ago that I make her baby book. And when did I start. Let's just say he beat the book.
Well this is what I have managed to get done. Do I always sound so scattered?
As you can see I'm still in a bit of a practice mode when it comes to drawing. I was told I couldn't draw when I was younger but over the last few years I said forget it, what comes out it what comes out.
Enjoy your day and all that creativity brings you!!!

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