Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Trying times

As you can see I am in test mode this morning I have been sending post to my blog via my cell phone, and they haven't been making it to the blog. I sent 2 notes this morning one via text and the other via outlook and the text message made it!! My other post were sent via outlook. More than the phone has been getting me down lately. I'm really struggling with I guess self identity and worth right now. I grew up not really having my ideas or interest fostered. I did a lot of things to make my mom happy and along the way lost myself. NOw at 25 and not having what my family would consider "worthy" interest. I am struggling to be me any how. I love drawing, and painting, and making jewelry. Which no I don't make a lot of money doing, but it relaxes me. I feel a sense of purpose when I do sell a piece. To be honest it rocks my world. So for all of you out there, feeling a little, lost mis-guided, or searching-You are not alone. So on to Tuesdays post of encouragement.

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