Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blogging Without Commitment

Oh where has the time gone!!! Project after project. I must say that I have really gotten in over my head. I have a lot going on all at once. First I am looking for a new place to live. This is never an easy task with multiple deadlines and hurdles pressing. I have my first show in almost 2 years!!!!! I am so excited. This will be the first time that I will be showcasing artwork. I will have my jewelry, and bath salts as usual, but collage. No one even knows that I collage or paint for that fact. I am so excited. an the basement studio is bursting with stuff. Beads, glass, paint, canvas, just stuff!!! I have to take more pictures to post!! I have made these goddess wave boards, too cute. The clay spirit molds and moon faces with beads, crystals, stones and lots of glitter!!!!! Do have a question about glitter versus mica? Or maybe this is a good excuse to go and buy fine glitter!!! I have repurposed an old suitcase as my table top signage. which I am still degabting on adding faces and beads to or just some collaged papers. Maybe both it would then capture a little of everything right??? Ok I have to have this done by Saturday so I should get to work, right? Now my art delima of the week (you know there's amillion other things going on) I have made these gorgeous keepsake bottles to sale, but then thought that they would be so much more fun if I filled them with bath salts that matched the sentiments. I've made Relaxation, and Love Ya!! Problem- after doing the math, I'm not really seeing how these are going to sale at such a high price; but you can keep the bottle!!!! My mom is taking a marketing class and says that maybe that should be my selling point, once the salts gone you can still hold on to the bottle. Not sure, I'm taggin them and going for it. At this point in the game I have way too much to think about.

So I've got like 3 multi strand necklaces that I would like to do. And never mind earrings to match. I haven't even thought that far. I do have earring ideas but of course they don't match the necklaces.

Well, off to spasing!!!! and Creating!!!! ttfn Candace OOOHHH.P.S. - I haven't forgot about my Glitter Sisters I just haven't had time to go back and add every one. Love ya the same, you girls keep me going!!!!!

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