Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trusting Life

There is a post on my GPS Violette's message board from Anam (also a GPS) that's about trusting life and were is takes you. I just had a conversation with my mom about the emotional day I am having today, and she ws saying I'm just not a focused person, and where I do myself harm is that I tend to be least focused on myself. i take care of my child and household, but I never really do me. I just go from one things to another. Now at first this was hard to accept keeping in mind what I went through as a child growing up in her house trying to please her. For the first time ever I really believe some just asked me what I wanted in life and meant it. I gave it thought. My response was still not about me specifically. You all have been keeping up know that I have been throught a lot lately and today it just hit like a brick wall. And the person I chose to vent to well wasn't too, I don't know what to call. He just wasn't what I needed, and to make matters worse he clarified things I just didn't need to know today. Then I found out that a very good friend of mine is moving away. So now I'm sitting here thinking Candace what do you really want? You need to let go of the negative, there's still room for plenty of positive today. Start small, right? Right now? Just for someone to nice!!!! Is that too much to ask? Then I sign into Bloger, just when I was thinking who cares about little ole' me? Flassie and Lisa thanks for leaving comments. I feel like I have fans!!!!! I should say friends, they're here leaving post daily. Thanks guys it really makes me feel good inside, to know that some one is really listening. Cande

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

Your Welcome!
When my mind starts to
drift into the dumps,
I shift back to thoughts
of Jesus and talk to the
Lord! I say a verse from
the Bible b/4 going to
sleep at night too. Read
something in a Devotional
Book. I might read something
about art b/4 that. Have a
Blessed Week!


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