Monday, July 9, 2007


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This is a close up of a piece I made a little while back. I never talked about it. I made it for my God Mom's Earth Day as she referes to her B-day. It is acrylics on canvas board with lots of glitter, polymer clay and pearls. It's about 8x10 and thface begin in the lower left corner and float to the top right. It's hanging in her bedroom.

I love my God Mom she's like the best. When ever there is a problem I can call her talk to her she's honest and real. And she makes the best veggie coneys!!!!! She's so much fun and encouraging. She has never told me no about anything... Well I did say I wanted to settle down the other week and she was like, "Ahh, no Cande". So I guess I'll be moving on......

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