Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And the little voice says......HELLO!!!!!!!

You know that we all have a spirit that guides us. My spirit lately has been crying out, " HELLO!!!!!STOP!!!! SLOW DOWN!!!! WHAT ABOUT YOU!!!! WHAT ABOLUT US!!!!!ARE YOU LISTENING??? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!!"
So I sat down to read last night, of course I ended up sleep, but it was change. Things have just been hectic. And I really feel like I am losing my sense of me and what I want. I've been put in the situation here recently that I have to care little more about those around me. This of course is natural when you live with family. But it's draining my energy. So I decided to pick this book by Valerie Burton up for the second time and I'm determined to finish it this time. I have a lot of goals in life that I seem to stray from often to care for others or be there for someone who needs me, but I put me on the back burner.
"Your mind is your most powerful asset for creating a more fulfilling, less stressful life. Every thought, conversation and habit that you engage in is embedded in your mind and either propels you toward your purpose, or distracts you from focusing on the aspects of life that truly matter." - Valerie Burton
You know last week I was singing the what about me song. I had run the city all day in the ran for everybody else. And nothnig not one stop was for me. I haven't adjusted to being single. I still love my ex. The way I see it it's all a part of the growth that my spirit is obviously pushing me towards. I feel so beat down mentally right now, that when I think about doing something for me I cry. I really feel like my life is crying out to me, and trying to remind me that this is my life and I'm either crying, sleeping or running it away.
Well I'm planning on taking some time off next week ,and you all are the only people who know it!!!! How cool is this going to be? I'm planning on sitting at home painting, beading, and reading all week. So long as Aneysa isn't calling me from school. She starts Tuesday!!! I'm having a crafting party all by myself!!!!!!
I'm also preparing for our move into the flea market!!!! So far there are 4 ladies. 2 of us are the mainstays and the other 2 are renting either a wall or shelf. One of the girls is just really getting into making jewelry and wants tot get her toes wet, shes renting the shelf. The other is my Aunt who is just trying to clean out her closet, she's renting a wall. I'm really hoping that her stuff doesn't crowd up the place. But I think it will be a good venture for all of us.
Well now that I've rambled myself onto some happier thoughts I need to go and get to work. Did you notice how much my tone changed when I got to the time off part? I hope my boss approves my time off!!!!!!!
TTFN Candace

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S. Holland said...

A personal art retreat/vacation/rest is a great thing! I went to a hotel for 1 night for 24 hrs. of painting/eating/watching movies. I had a wonderful time and finished 3 paintings and 1 spontaneous one. I felt so refreshed. It didn't take a lot of time or money, just commitment.

Happy creating!


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