Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aneysa's Beat!!

I normally don't post picture of my baby online, but these right here, I am so proud of. We attended a culture festival this past weekend. There was so much art and music pack into a little lot beside Kwanzaa Park here in the city. I really believe she was on overload. When we arrived there were drummers on stage and women in the audience dancing, I know she had to feel right at home. See Aneysa needs no music, no song, she'll just dance and move all around the house and doesn't care who's looking. She did not dance Saturday at the festival, she did sit on stage with one of the performing acts from Cincinnati, we share a Lemon Shake Up, and she made this wonderful drum, with my GodSister who specifically asked not to be on my blog ( love ya, BFF!) I have over the last year noticed that my child too is a creative,and try to make sure that she has every opportunnity to express herself. So after some discussion between her father and I asked her if she'd like to attend an art school. At first she was a little hesitant because of course at 5, school is school and she's just ready to go. I explained that she'd have an art class everyday and possibly be able to sing and dance while in school, of course that was the icing on the cake!!! So for the last few mornig she's been waking up asking " Is it time for art school yet?" I hope she stays this excited about school.
I almost forgot to post my own accomplishment of the week!!! I painted this for my GodMom's new office at work!!! She got a promotion, you know!!!!! My camera phone doesn't do justice to the colors. It's teal, purple, a glitter white, a glittering periwinkle, and lavader. Which looks gray in this pic. I have to put my camera in the shop smashed it moving. Aaaarrgghh!!!!!

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

Aneysa is Beautiful. What fun it is for her to be going to Art School. They turned the junior high I went to as a young teen into an Art School. Look's like you had a great time. Love the painting. Thanks for all the great Scriptures you post. Have a Blessed Day!


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