Friday, September 28, 2007

Art Day Follow up

So last weekend My friends Johanna and I had and Art Day!!!! It was so much fun to just create and talk and laugh.

We really had a lot of fun. Now to this week Ihave been so busy that I have yet to complete one of the pictures I started Saturday at Jo's house. Last night I played with with the gel medium I bought to do a transfer technique liek 4 months ago. Well last night I found awsome directions so I gave it a try, at 10 p.m. Of course my family including th baby arelooking at me as it I have really lost. I passed out from the excitement, so needless to say I haven't taken a picture yet.

Tonight I'm hoping to get a few pieces of jewelry finished, and to finish the paintingI started last week. Such ambition for a gorgeous weekend!!!! Only time will tell. Well I'm off to do something creative.


1 comment:

Flassie's Fil'a said...

What fun! Look's like you
had a great time creating
art together. God Bless and
Jesus Bless You TOo!


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