Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AAAAGGGHHHHH!!! I'm so excited!!!!!

beneath the surface
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I have finally dived into an art class, well 2!!!

Unfourtunately I can't find any work by the instructor, but I found this gorgeous piece on Flickr! by Shoozels. She has a beautiful collection. As I was gong through her pics I was doing the Homer Simpson, " OOOOOGGGGGHHHHCCCCKKKkkk" and yes drooling!! So at the end of this 8 week pursuit I haope I am filled with the knowledge and inspiration to create pieces as beautiful as this.

I'm also signed up for a beginner paint class. Anybody can paint, yes, but there are some shadow and bleding things that I;m just not getting on my own. So I'll be kicking my new year off in high gear!!!

Off to my current pursuits. I have to finish a coffetable book I'm making for my mom. I have so new mixed media pieces I am creating for my Kwanzza shows. Also I have to have the GN baby book done for his 1sy B-day party on the 29th. This is such a busy and exciting time.

Hope your enjoying the holiday spirit!!


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artbrat said...

Hope you have fun in the classes. Fused glass is a never ending addiction.


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