Saturday, December 15, 2007

All I want for Christmas..

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Is my own art room!! I miss having my own space to just breathe and create more of me in. I have so many ideas swinmming in hy head right now, but the idea of pulling out my supplies and hauling them up the steps, then setting up, watching for the baby, and then having to put everything up when I'm done is just over whelming right now.

I did buy new canvases today. Hopefully I will have them complete by Kwanzza. Prayerfully they will sell!!

I also purchased the lates Cloth Paper Scissors toady!!! I'm excited 1 because I finally found it in my neighborhood. 2 i found 2 projects that live up right with my current ideas!! I am so excited. My mom is laughing at me. Because when I got home I read it cover to cover. She was trying to ask how to cook a vegitarian friendly dish and I couldn't respond for being wrapped up in all of the articles. and instructions.

I have one project that I just may give a try in the next few weeks it was one of those naggin paint techniques that I just knew wasn't as hard at it appeared. However previous attempts we okay, but now, I hope this works better.

Well I'm off to the Whitfield Family Soul!!! Gathering. I'm supposed to have my goodies on display for my family to see and I just realized that I left all of my jewelry at my house. Oooohhh well all the more reason for them to visit my blog.

Peace to all!


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