Thursday, May 22, 2008

Walk with a cause

Yesterday I participated in WalkNationwide. it is a corporate sposored fitness day. You sign up and walk or run one of their 1, 3,or 5 mile walks or just kind of do your own thing. I collected donations for my mentor group Just Between Us. I decided I do the 3 mile walk. I had walking buddies and my mom on speed dial. I was ready to go. I went out front to meet my team ( 3 other co-workers), when I get a phone call from Tina, they left me!! She forgot I was going to the bank first. We chose the route with the Planet Smoothie!! So I just had to indulge, parking is so bad down there and we were just going to be walking by, so why not indulge? Right?
Even though I started out alone I met up with them about a half mile from the start at Planet Smoothie. They though it was just a few blocks away. It was good, couldn't tell ya what I got, but it was worht the stop!!
So the rest of the walk I entertained them with my cell phone photo skills. I wanted something for my blog. So here you go a few pics of the sights in the Short North area of downtown Columbus!!

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