Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Updates & Changes

This post has a lot of things rolled up into one post so please be patient. Well I've been enrolled as a full time adult degree earner for 5 months now! I have a 3.5 GPA, and am ready for a break!! Too bad we don't have a break until Thanksgiving. Both the kids are older now. 1 and 7. What was I thinking? Blessings!! So, I started a blog post some time ago that never made it to post, on rather or not I wanted to keep this blog up any longer. So much is really changing for me, and I really didn’t take this blog where I wanted or the way I wanted it when I started. A lot of my writing focused on what I wanted to write, what I wanted to make, but never really came into fruition. And some personal stuff that will never leave : ) Well’ things are changing!!
Just how much are things going to change? You ask…
1 I've changesd the name of this blog from What's Cooking in My Soul to Candid Soul.
All new IDs I am now listed as Candid Soul on everything! (I will keep my old email posted for a short time)
2To encourage more convo I thought it would be fun to get a google voice number. So now you can call and chat with me or just leave me a message. You can even text me to that number. It will be posted here shortly. Not today but shortly.
3 I love magazines, and would love to be fourtunate enough to have a C Magazine, but I'm not Oprah, I'm not ready to pay to print, nor can I afforda it. So here it is!! (I'd have a custom web address, but until I can come to turns with how I have to spell it, or talk a photographer out of the one I want, I'll be here)
4 There are several tv shows that ilike, but uuuhhhmm yea so at some point I plan to get some video up.
In so many words, I'm about to do me!! The best way I can , affordable and candid!!
Well, you’ll have to stick around and see the rest for yourself. Things will be gradually changing! Till next time Candid

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