Tuesday, December 19, 2006


You know when you just want to get started already!!!!!! Agh!!!!!!! I am so tiered of starting and then stopping. Trying to keep everything moving is becoming a drag. One of my challenge this week has been getting pictures posted this week without the internet at home. I used to just carry a cd-r on me back and forth, if I couldn't get things to work at home. Well now the burner will not work. I don't know why. On one Pc it goes throughthe whole process tells you the cd has burned and all. and then I get to my moms not pics!!!!! The other Pc doesn't even try to burn it tells youthat it can't recognize the media (the blank cd)!!! I've gone through a whole case of cds and can't get one disc of pics!!!!!! needless to say I've left that alone for the time being right? It's holiday time. I don't feel festive. Enough said? Ba humbug! I know right? I'm supposed to be baking and making a few things including cookies for Christmas and Kwanza. I'm not motivated. I did manage to put decor in our yard and put a few candles out. Next on the list? Oh yes. I'm at work and my art supplies are at home!!!! I feel so creative at work and ideas are flying and I'm writing things down but, by time I get home I go into mom mode cook clean feed everybody and it's time for bed. I'm pretty sure if I could manage to stay awake past 9 soemthing could happen. But yea my house pretty much shuts down. What do I do? And my on going list of projects is still growing. Pre- holiday:Cards to give. I was thingk of creating aline of cards with no particular theme or reason to them. People could purchase what appealed to them and the reasonthey were purchasing, like thinking of you cards. Pictures (painting/collage) painting and collage as you may know is a new venture for me. So i'm just eager to create. I made a few interesting pieces this past weekend, but due to the current state of my Pc I have no pics. I have 3 projects in mind and I am gathering items for them now. Jewelry,bracelets, earrings. You know jewelry is my first love although I think that painting is pulling at the coat tales. I just want to sit and create multiple pieces like I did when I first started. I used to sit down for an hour or 2 and go into this creative transe. It was great!! Current- due for holiday: Jewelry, I have a watch, 2 bracelets, a set of waist beads, necklace and earring set on order. Painting, I have just one that I know of, but 3 have been propsed. Cookies, at least 5 dozen, 4 different kinds. I have at least 20 holiday cards to make. Oh and I would liek to give an artist friend of mine a paper stack. And I'm off!!!!!!!! Happy creating!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Post Holiday Catch Up

Artist Down!!!!!! I got an boo boo!!!I cut my right hand (yes I am a rightie!!) washing dishes. Of all things, right? I couldn’t be building something or over glued and had to rip it off. I had to be washing dishes. BF thinks it was a way for me to get out of doing them (over the last few weeks I’ve been making an effort to willingly do the things I despise). Six stitches later, I am in pain and laughing at that. What has this experience taught me? 1.) Yes, I do have a high threshold for pain, but when combined with my own blood, I’m so not good. 2.) Those bottle sponges are worth while, I will purchase one this weekend (I know why not now, I’ve been ordered by the Doc no to wash dishes.) 3.) I never realized how much I use my pinkie!!! I can’t write, so I take it I can’t paint. But you know how strong willed us artistic types can be, I’ll probably have so many collages done by the end of this week. Will post!!! Turkey Day Well. I had a wonderful holiday. How about yours? I spent the holiday with my BF and his family. Why was it so wonderful, you may ask? Because For once I did exactly what I wanted to do. Normally I let guilt push me to visit every family member I possibly could. And then end up at home crying because someone has said something completely uncalled for. I believe I come from a family that I really do not fit into or gel with. But part of that is because we (my sister and I) were pushed away by everyone in their own little ways. Except for my Grandpa, who growing up told us they were joking and told them to stop. Now, he just tells them to shut up and look at their selves, PRICELESS…… Today So now that I’ve completely caught you up on the holiday happenings. On to the next holiday… I am so not ready for this!!!!! I am creating most of my gifts. My most creative venture is going to be what I’m making my friend Evelyn. I can’t say what it is because she just might decide to drop in and read one day. I am also baking. My younger cousins asked me to bake this year. Our grandma used to bake every year for everybody in the family. Everybody had their own set of bags, not tins, just you everyday zip-locks in piles according to household favorites. I’m making chocolate chip bars, cherry almond granola bars, oatmeal raisin, and at least one more, anybody have an idea?


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