Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Life on Zoom!!!

Well, of course things never really go as planned. As so with life. I have been enjoying life and some of what it has to offer. But I haven't been in much of a talkative mood lately.So I do apologize for the lack in content. Let's just say when I vent or should I say by the time I vent there's steam. And that's just what the last few weeks have been for me.
However this mood has done things for my creativity. i have come up with pleanty of ideas for projects and have scratched a lot down. But the only thing I have managed to do is pour 2 candles and my BF request, and clear off one of my tables. Becauase I'm ready to move on to some jewelry. I do have a few collages in mind but I'm justnot in the mood for it. You know? I should probably tackle that while I'm in the mood or else the original idea maybe lost.

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