Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vacation Catch Up

Ok so i think I finnally took the time to gather everything I needed to show you just how much fun my time off from work was. And a few interesting points to give some thought to. First I had to paint.... Finger painting is so relaxing. I'm really considering setting aside one day a week just to finger paint. I think Aneysa would enjoy this just as much as me. The first picture is on canvas board. I wanted a back ground to collage some wooden pieces onto. The second, I have some love I want to work out in art. So I slathered on the mood colors! This is my temporary creative space. It's my Godmoms kitchen. Wonderful light, nice breeze, and calming view of the neighbors trees. So I had a creative break through while I was off. The blank canvas you see to the left was transformed into a piece of art I had always imagined myself creating. What a rush!!!!!! I feel so inspired right now. Now only if I didn't have to clean up and pack up everytime I was done creating. it really puts a damper on things sometimes. But with my Sis 8 month old baby boy exploring, well worth the cost of supplies!!! Are your ready for the creme de la creme?

I call it The Prize. I decided to name the piece because it is the first manifestation of " that's the kind of stuff i really want to make!" So I also got to do some sleeping!!! Yay. A few of you may know that I function on 7 hours of intterupted sleep a night. I wake myself up some how all night long. However in one of my sleeping hours I had a dream about a man!!!! My family and I were dressing to go out to breakfast. And my Sis keeps saying, "we have to be dressed by time he gets here!" My Godmom then goes, " I'm ready to roll as soon as he gets her!" Now mind you they are saying a name, but I never caught it. I start down the steps and he walksin the door, speaks to my sis and baby, and runs up the steps and lays the smoothest kiss of my life on me, and leaves me speechless. I just stare into his hazel eyes, he laughs and said, "you can ready now!". i remeber looking down and seeing my self fully dressed and laughing at him. I'm sending a shout out to Mr. Dreamy- 6"- 6' 2", Cappacino skin, hazel eyes, long hair, slim build. Holla at sista!!!!! Until then this ones for you!!!!

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

I thought I'd try and peek in. Still on Laptop and it is trying. So I have to still be careful about visiting blogs. I did take a peek in at Mrs. Nesbitt's. She has a fun game going on over there. Love the new art you created. Have a Blessed Week and Thanks for stopping by.


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