Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aussie-Product Review

So, ran to the dollar store last Friday to pick up some soap and snacks. And I was tempted by my inner product junkie to try Aussie Moist. Now, I actually dodn't know much about the line, however I had read here, that it would be a good combing conditioner, so I tried it. I purchased both the Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. I can say that I am really pleased with this purchase, and plan to make these products part of my regular routine. The shampoo was very hydrating, I used the conditioner as a rinse and combing. I left a lot of excess in my hair to keep it moist on my way out to a cook out. It did clump, but I think that was my fault, I used too much.
It's now 4 days later, and all I've done is sprayed my hair with water and added a touch of castor oil monday, and a bit of hair dress this morning and I love how my hair feels! It's a keeper.
I'm out!!
Stay Blessed, and I'll talk to you later

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